When you want to do something creative but it's literally too hot to function.

Excuse my absence but this heat is legitimately making it hard to even.

Just wanna say, if @PennyMordaunt@twitter.com becomes Prime Minister, that I was blocked by her on my previous twitter account, 5 years before it was cool to be blocked by her.

Why? I asked her why her background image was Southampton Guildhall when she was representing Portsmouth.

OK it's July now. All you corporations can go back to avoiding hiring us or listening to workplace queerphobia grievances and just generally ignoring our existence now.

See you hovering around my wallet again next June! 👋

British Bank: So our badges have pronouns on now.
British cis people: offendedpikachu.png
British Bank: There are other banks?
British cis people:

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british people throwing up shitting themselves screaming etc cos a bank put pronouns on their workers' name badges. normal country

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I will never be as beautiful as my cat, even with her butthole on display!

Someone trying to mansplain that I "only know about Section 28 from wikipedia". Totally not 'cause I was one of the last sets of kids that were taught under S28 and had to do my own LGBT-inclusive sex education or anything.🤣

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@AranDoesADoodle@twitter.com @KatyMontgomerie@twitter.com @MechaniVal@twitter.com @MForstater@twitter.com Aran, you are 34, taking about stuff you've only read about on Wikipedia.

But let's keep it in your range.
What have LGB and T got in common ?

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UK Government: Current strain on COVID should only last 5 days lol.
Me still testing positive on day 8: Fuck you.

@17thQ@twitter.com A version with skin. Thank you for the compliments, likes and RTs, I love you all!

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I dunno, @17thQ@twitter.com had the idea of a lotus flower made of android hands and I just... 🤷

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People that are saying “oh it’s just America” - the UK literally will remove the Human Rights Act in a few weeks. Then our rights will be up for grabs just like theirs. Don’t take your eye off the ball. We need to fight like hell.

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Delete your period tracking apps today.

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Not dead. Still have COVID. Sweaty and gross.


2 days before my respiratory tests were supposed to be. Joy.

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